#NewMusicTuesday: AJR, “Sober Up”

A track from AJR’s 2017 album The Click,Sober Up” is an upbeat track about a tough topic—the challenge of growing up and reflecting on life so far. The catchy song is perfectly portrayed in AJR’s recently-released music video, which features the lead singer back in his hometown of New York City, face to face with a mirror image of his young self. The video is poignant and sharp, but still light and relatable. We love it!

AJR’s band members—Adam, Jack and Ryan Met—happen to be brothers. (A, J and R—Get it?) The trio formed the group in their Chelsea apartment, and continue to write, produce and mix their own material. They’re bringing DIY to the music world, and it’s an inspiring effort! Their debut album, Living Room, was released back in 2015 and was well received, not only by indie fans, but more broadly as well.

Now, they’re busy promoting The Click, and will depart on a North American tour, performing at 32 shows, 12 of which are already sold out. And stay tuned, because following “I’m Not Famous” and “Weak,” “Sober Up” will be the third single from The Click. It’s set to premiere on Top 40 radio stations on February 28, so hear it on AJR Radio, or stream the album on iHeartRadio!

In the meantime, watch video below and see the band play one of our favorite games, “Album Covers: Real or Fake?”

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