#NewMusicTuesday: Evan Ross & Ashlee Simpson, “I Do”

It has been quite a while since fans got to hear new music from Ashlee Simpson, but the wait is over — the “Pieces of Me” singer is working on a new album and what’s more, she’s doing it alongside hubby Evan Ross! Drawn back to the studio to watch Evan Ross record some fresh tracks, Simpson couldn’t help but warm up her own vocal chords. The singer says she missed being in the studio, and we’ve missed hearing from her!

Now, the two are not only releasing an album together, but they’re also starring in Ashlee + Evan, a reality show featuring their life together. With the premiere of every new episode comes the release of new music—expect one to two new songs to drop every week, starting with single “I Do,” which has the couple renewing their commitments to each other through song.

Hear more about the magic behind the album in our exclusive interview with the couple below and keep your ears perked for new music from them, coming to iHeartRadio!

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