Welcome to the iHeartMedia Family, Jelli!

We have some big news to share—we’re excited to announce that we are acquiring Jelli, the technology company that currently powers our SoundPoint programmatic advertising platform. The Jelli platform is the pioneering technology foundation for programmatic buying and selling of broadcast radio, and this acquisition will enable us to further leverage Jelli’s assets to continue to strengthen our digital-compatible ad buying platform for broadcast radio.

While broadcast radio has the highest consumer engagement of any major medium, prior to the 2015 launch of SoundPoint, it had lacked the targetability and real-time automated interface that digital offers. Today, thanks to Jelli, our SoundPoint platform allows advertisers and agencies to leverage iHeartMedia’s broadcast stations through both its radio and digital organizations, delivering both strong advertising results and digitally-compatible analytics.

As part of the acquisition, Jelli will continue to operate as a company within iHeartMedia, Inc. led by President and CEO Michael Dougherty and his team. The Jelli division will continue to be based in the Silicon Valley and will become iHeartMedia’s primary ad technology operation. Welcome, Jelli! We can’t wait to innovate together!

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