Real Estate Search Channel Keyboom! Now with iHeartRadio

Listen up, all you house hunters! Your property search experience now has a soundtrack! Thanks to an integration with iHeartRadio, Keyboom!, an interactive real estate search channel for smart TVs and streaming devices such as Roku, Amazon Fire Stick and Apple TV, now allows users to listen to music while they browse for their perfect home.

Looking for a quaint bungalow on the beach? Crank some mellow tracks! More interested in big city living? Start following the local teams with sports radio! Starting now, Keyboom! users can tune into commercial-free iHeartRadio Original stations like Hit Nation, iHeartCountry and iHeart80s, and choose from different genres to discover live music, news and local sports radio stations.

iHeartRadio is available now on the Keyboom! app for Roku. To add Keyboom! to your Roku, search for “Keyboom!” or “property search” and make the hunt for your next home more entertaining with iHeartRadio!​​

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