Behind the Scenes with Paul Costabile: ICYMI March 2016

By: Paul Costabile

Hello iHeartRadio blog! How are things? As usual we've been at it, shooting and producing  fun moments with your favorite artists. It's always nice to check in and update you guys on a few of my favorite moments over the past few months. So here they are:

Brendon Urie’s Singerview: Take 2

Dabbling in music myself, over the years I've been able to develop a musical-style interview (getting artists to be musical and sing their interview responses) called a “Singerview.” One of the first ones I ever did was with Panic! At the Disco's frontman Brendon Urie. It was because Brendon's singerview was so fun and felt so great years ago that we decided to make the style a regular thing. Fast forward to now when Brendon came back and we decided to up the anty on him adding my pal Jon on Bass and me on a drum machine for an all around musical jam interview:

Intimate Cafe Conversations in an Elevator with Rachel Platten

One of my favorite new series to do involves inviting an artist into our iHeartRadio building elevators for "Intimate Café Conversations in an Elevator." I always like picking artists I know are fun, positive people who can handle literally sitting in a public elevator hanging out with me — and "Stand By You" and "Fight Song" singer/songwriter Rachel Platten was just that…and then some!

iHeart80s Meets Facebook Live

Here at iHeartRadio, we're always pushing our video style to new heights and enhancing how we actually share and create fun moments with artists. One of the most recent additions is using Facebook Live to go live immediately to fans with their favorite artists — we even take questions from fans direct to artists having instant Q&As and it's been really fun to be a part of it! We have done a few so far with artists, but I think it's worth showing you our first-ever Facebook Live broadcast that happened at our recent iHeart80s show — yes because it was our very first but also because I just want more people to see me in this outfit:

Live at #iHeart80s with host Paul Costabile

Posted by iHeartRadio on Saturday, February 20, 2016

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