Artist of the Week: Camila Cabello

It’s never easy to break out of a group and pursue a solo career, and Camila Cabello is no stranger to the heartache it causes. But, Cabello has finally found her individual voice and her first solo album, Camila, drops today — we can’t wait to hear more from this rising star!

Camila Cabello entered the spotlight at just 15, when she appeared as a contestant on X Factor. She eventually went on to win third place in the competition along with Fifth Harmony, and together they experienced years of success. Still, Cabello is now challenging herself and exploring her solo potential!

Having immigrated from Cuba with her mother when she was just six years old, Cabello has always been a fighter, pushing forward to achieve her dreams. And now, with the release of her debut album, her hard work is paying off. Since leaving Fifth Harmony about a year ago, Cabello has rocked the music space — her single “Havana” has been on top of Billboard’s pop radio chart for longer than other other song by a female performer over the last five years.

Cabello believes in not letting any negativity get to her, and she’s determined to share that message with her fans. We caught up with her at Jingle Ball to chat about overcoming challenges and always believing in herself — watch her inspirational interview below for #ProjectYouDoYou and keep listening to her hits on iHeartRadio!