A Conviction Is Imminent in the Harts Tragedy — Tune in to the “Broken Harts” Podcast on April 12!

Glamour editors Justine Harman and Elisabeth Egan have been busy trying to uncover the truth behind the mystery of the Hart family death in their hit “Broken Harts” podcast, but now, the case could be at a key turning point.

At first glance, Jessica Hart, Sarah Hart and their six adopted children seemed like the perfect modern family. But when wreckage of the family’s van was pulled out from the base of a 100-foot high cliff in California, a darker image of the family dynamics emerged. From calls to child protective services to concerned teachers, there were red flags, but could the Harts family be saved from their tragic death? That’s the key question Harman and Egan set out to answer on “Broken Harts.”

Now, a full year after the crash, Mendocino County is performing an inquest into the incident. The testimony, which takes place over the course of two days, reveals shocking new details and concludes with a heartbreaking conviction. So now what? Tune in to “Broken Harts” on April 12th to hear the latest—it’s an episode you simply can’t miss.

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