Dig Deep Into the Minds of Serial Killers With “Monster Presents: Insomniac”

“Monster Presents: Insomniac” began with a simple, scary premise: to research the disturbing and horrific routines of serial killers. Scott Benjamin, the show’s host and protagonist, wanted to learn more about how they worked, what made them tick and why they did terrible things. But, slowly, Benjamin’s research started to affect him, consuming him day and night. It followed him home at night and into his bed: the work turned him into an insomniac.

This iHeartRadio Original podcast, created and co-produced in partnership with Tenderfoot TV, is the story of one man’s freefall from objective researcher into the tormented subject. In “Monster Presents: Insomniac,” expect accounts of real-life horror stories featuring some of the most depraved criminals in history like Herb Baumeister (The I-70 Strangler), Arthur Shawcross (The Rochester Strangler), Dean Corll (The Candy Man) and Robert Berdella (The Kansas City Butcher.) Throughout Benjamin’s research and retellings of these serial killers, witness the pain his research has brought him – from the over-the-counter prescription sleeping aids, failed relaxation techniques and even professional counseling, nothing seems to work for him. What’s worse, any time Benjamin does sleep, he has horrifying nightmares.

“Monster Presents: Insomniac” will leave you asking the same question Benjamin asks himself daily: once this level of darkness creeps into your life, conscious or dreaming, is there ever a way out?

Think you can handle all of the horrors that Scott Benjamin’s “Monster Presents: Insomniac” has to offer? Check out the trailer for the new podcast today via the iHeartPodcast Network and stream the full first episode on June 27th!

Monster Presents: Insomniac​​​​​​​​​​​​​