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Employee Playlist of the Month: Aaron Vigliotti

At this time, it’s clear that the entire world is experiencing something completely unprecedented. While the COVID-19 pandemic may be unsettling and difficult to process, there’s one thing that can hopefully provide some comfort – music. Take a listen to this positive, uplifting playlist from Aaron Vigliotti, Mobile Product Manager at iHeartMedia. We’re hoping everyone continues to stay safe and lets the music heal them.

How come you choose the songs on your playlist?

Most, if not all of these songs, are positive and uplifting in one way or another. During these strange times it is always nice to know that someone is going through the same thing with you. All of the tracks are also relatively new, so I hope that they inspire you to check out more music by these talented artists.


When do you listen to this playlist most?

This playlist comes in handy just in time for the start of spring, if you are starting to get cabin fever, throw this playlist on and watch the sun start to peak out!


Who is your dream artist to meet and why?

The only dream artist I would like to meet is Jimi Hendrix, who simply passed away too soon. His music and incredible talents have moved me to create music with my closest friends.


Can you share your most memorable music moment experience?

Currently, I think I am living in my most memorable music experience, playing shows with my friends all over the east coast. There is a song on this playlist called "Passaic Lots" by Grander. If you enjoy it, feel free to check us out @grandersounds, we are working on our debut album right now!


What is the best part about working at iHeartRadio?

Easily the best part of working at iHeartRadio is the impact, the work that we do on a daily basis impacts the lives of millions of people every day. There is no other company that cares so much about music and the people who want to listen to it.


A fun fact about myself is…

In August of 2018, I won tickets with my best friend to see a secret Mac Miller show at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood, California. He performed his newly released album "Swimming" front to back with a live band, and this was his last live show before he passed, RIP. 



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