iHeartRadio Now Better Than Ever on Xbox 360

Hey, gamers! We’re thrilled to announce that we launched a new version of the iHeartRadio Xbox 360 app. This version features a complete refresh of design, features, and functionality — meaning your listening experience is about to get better than ever.

Xbox 360 5.0 includes the iHeartRadio features you already know and love, including Live Radio, My Favorites Radio and Perfect For, as well as Anonymous Listening and, for the first time ever, iHeartRadio cheat codes, which will unlock one station or a category of stations with a sequence of specific button selections on the d-pad.

Plus, our Xbox 360 app still includes other great features like Kinect voice and gesture recognition technology. This feature lets you use your voice to navigate and control your iHeartRadio listening experience by speaking to Kinect. Kinect’s gesture recognition also allows you to control the app through simple hand movements—like using a pushing motion to make a selection or closing your palm and pulling to scroll through items or pivots. — no controller required!

Xbox 360 is just one of our more than 80 integrations across wearables, home entertainment, gaming consoles, automotive and more, that allow you to enjoy your favorite iHeartRadio stations no matter where you are.