iHeartRadio’s Hit Podcasts Are Being Translated For Listeners Around the World!

iHeartRadio has great news for podcast listeners across the globe: the iHeartPodcast Network announced today that it will translate some of its biggest podcasts into different languages! The podcasts will be translated into Spanish, Hindi, Portuguese, French, German and more, and will be available on all major international audio distribution platforms beginning early 2020.

The first slate of translated shows include “Stuff You Should Know,” “Stuff You Missed in History Class,” “Stuff Mom Never Told You,” “Stuff To Blow Your Mind,” “BrainStuff” and “TechStuff.” With these new translations, iHeartPodcasts will now be available in the native languages of more than a billion people across the world. And this is just the start! Through this international expansion, the iHeartPodcast Network hopes to share amazing podcast content with audiences everywhere. We can’t wait to bring iHeartRadio’s fan favorites to all of these new listeners!

What’s more, the iHeartPodcast Network is excited to pioneer this necessary step in the evolution of podcasts. By making our podcasts available in various languages, we hope to diversify our listenership and spread the joy of podcast listening beyond North America.

Mark your calendars for early 2020 and let all of your friends and family abroad know that they’ll have a few podcasts to catch up on at the start of the new year!