#NewMusicTuesday: All-American Rejects, “Sweat” + New Album

We were so lucky to spend time with The All-American Rejects on the heels of their new hit single release "Sweat." Giving us a taste of what’s to come from their upcoming album, the song sheds light on struggling with one’s identity and offers a unique, kaleidoscopic view of what’s to come in the rock band’s first record in five years.

The "Sweat" music video provides a dynamic and visual experience, featuring lead singer Tyson Ritter. In the 11 minute video, Ritter showcases his acting — a newfound talent that he started pursuing while The All-American Rejects took a short break from producing new music. During the band’s hiatus, Tyson also earned a doctorate and got married, but he’s looking forward to wowing fans with this new album.

During our conversation, the band discussed pushing the boundaries with their new record and delivering a variety of new music that their fans may not expect. Each song in the album has a different producer to create an exciting, fresh sound, while also presenting the artists with a new challenge each time around. Just as "Sweat" featured a creative music video, the band plans to continue this album’s story through cinematic exploration.

Remember way back when singing along to hits like "Dirty Little Secret" and "Move Along?" Us too! Both of those appeared in the top fifteen on Billboard’s Top 100 in 2005. Shortly after in 2008, "Gives You Hell," their most successful song to date, topped the charts at number 4. We can’t wait to see what they have in store next!

Take a listen to "Sweat" and keep an ear out for the rest of their new album right here on iHeartRadio! And for the next two months, don’t forget that you can hear unlimited beats on demand for just 99 cents — happy listening!​​