“Are You Kidding” Is iHeartRadio’s First-Ever Kid-Hosted Podcast That Follows Two Young and Philanthropic Entrepreneurs

iHeartRadio’s first-ever kid-hosted podcast, produced by Hispanic Radio legend and Chairman/Chief Creative Officer of iHeartLatino Enrique Santos, is here and it’s got a great cause behind it! “Are You Kidding” shares the stories of two young brothers, Brandon and Sebastian, who started their own sock company. The brothers, who are just 11 and 13, have been living out their passion of designing and selling their own line of socks.

But Brandon and Sebastian aren’t just after a successful sock business, they have a philanthropic arm of their business called Are You Kidding Cares. The nonprofit donates socks to the homeless and donates funds for local and national charities like Stand Up To Cancer, JDRF, Autism Speaks and many others.

On “Are You Kidding,” hosts Brandon and Sebastian discuss their sock design company, how it got started and a little bit about their charity work, too. In fact, the podcast is being launched this month for a specific reason. September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month, and the “Are You Kidding” podcast and Are You Kidding Cares charity are working to raise awareness and money for families affected by childhood cancer. Additionally, the podcast will highlight inspiring kids that have benefitted from the work of Stand Up to Cancer and other organizations and how they are using their stories to impact others.

Start streaming the “Are You Kidding” podcast today and get inspired by these boys’ work ethic, drive and charity work!

Are You Kidding? Podcast​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​