Artist of the Week: 5 Seconds Of Summer

After almost a two-year absence from the music scene, 5 Seconds of Summer is back with a new music video for their latest single, “Want You Back,” as well as news about an upcoming tour! The last year has admittedly been a tough one for the group as they wrote and recorded fresh music, but they’re back on a creative streak as fans eagerly await their soon-to-be-released third album.

With “Want You Back” and its accompanying music video now out, music lovers can get a taste of what to expect from the pop rock group’s new record. Though the band has taken inspiration from its own past work, 5SOS has a more dynamic, re-energized and personal new sound. The foursome has gone back to basics to determine what inspires them and makes their music tick, so when the album finally does drop, fans are in for a treat!

5SOS is also getting ready to embark on a tour in the U.S., playing at smaller venues than where they typically perform. Watch the video below to hear why the band is opting for a more “intimate” tour, and when fans can expect to see them on the road again! Then, listen to 5SOS and all their biggest hits on iHeartRadio!