Artist of the Week: Ben Platt

We first fell in love with Ben Platt when he appeared in Pitch Perfect, but the young artist has come a long way since then! After a long run in the hit Broadway show Dear Evan Hanson, Platt is now embarking on a solo career. His debut album, Sing to Me Instead, dropped today!

The album, complete with lead tracks “Bad Habit” and “Ease My Mind” sounds like a beautiful audio diary, in which Platt reflects on three relationships that have shaped him. His background in musical theater shines in the 12-track record, and if you listen closely, you can even hear the influences of his musical idols, Carole King and James Taylor. Platt isn’t afraid to tackle tough, personal topics in his music. For example, “Honest Man,” one of our favorite tracks, describes Platt’s relationship with a partner who wasn’t ready to bring his homosexuality out into the open.

We couldn’t be more excited for Platt’s big leap onto the music stage, but he’s not leaving his film career behind either. We hear he’s currently working on a Netflix series called The Politician, set to drop in September. Best of luck, Ben! Big things are coming!

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