Artist of the Week: BTS and Lauv

It’s official: two of our favorite pop heavy-hitters—BTS and Lauv—have teamed up and released a new single. It’s a remix of BTS’s track, “Make It Right,” a song that was originally released on BTS’s Map of the Soul: Persona album. But this remix has the Lauv touch: he added his own lyrics and vocals, which means the track is now even more fun and ready for the dancefloor.

Fans started speculating about the potential collaboration on October 16 after Lauv posted a selfie to Instagram. He captioned the photo with what certainly looked like new English lyrics to “Make It Right,” writing: “I was trying to find the answer / in the world around me / yeah I was going crazy / all day all night.”

What’s more, just a few hours before the song was released, Lauv tweeted a photo with the BTS members saying, “Did I finally #makeitright?” to which BTS responded, “You always #makeitright.” Lauv and the BTS boys seem to be great friends, which is good news for the fans. Hopefully, this friendship means there will be even more awesome collaborations like the “Make It Right” remix in the future!

Fans can check out the remix today on iHeartRadio. Or, if you’re trying to see BTS live in concert sometime soon, look no further: the Bangtan Boys will be performing at the 2019 iHeartRadio Jingle Ball in Los Angeles this December! Find tickets here and get ready for an awesome show!

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