Artist of the Week: Camila Cabello

Today, one of our favorite pop songstresses is back with a brand new album: Camila Cabello released her second album today, titled Romance. As its title implies, the new album is all about love — falling into and out of it. Cabello is publicly and officially in love with Shawn Mendes, and so it’s easy to assume that at least some of the album is centered around that specific romance. In fact, Mendes even appears on the album: the couple’s recent collaboration for the Grammy-nominated song “Senorita” is included on Romance. Have you heard this love-infused track yet? If not, give it a listen!

Other favorite tracks from the new album include a collaboration with the popular rapper DaBaby on the song, “My Oh My.” And another fun fact: two of the album’s songs, “Used to This” and “First Man,” were produced with the help of FINNEAS, the brother and co-collaborator of Billie Eilish.

After the album dropped, Cabello released a psychedelic minute-long short film to her social media that serves as a surrealist invitation to what she calls “the world of Romance.” In the post, Cabello said:

“​Do you dare to lose yourself in love? Do you dare to lose yourself in the exquisite agony of it? The desperation, the madness, the urgency, the passion, the ecstasy? An invitation like this is not for the faint of heart. All that’s left to do is surrender,” said the post.

If you’d like to see Cabello perform her new album, check out tickets to iHeartRadio’s Jingle Ball. Head over here for more information about the upcoming festival, and then fall in love and stream Romance on iHeartRadio today!

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