Artist of the Week: Dashboard Confessional

Many fans assumed that Dashboard Confessional’s 2009 album, Alter the Ending, would be the band’s last, but not so fast! Led by frontman Chris Carrabba, the kings of emo pop are back with their seventh album, Crooked Shadows, out today!

Though they were once angsty teens, Dashboard fans are all grown up now—they’re ready for a different, more modern sound and judging by this album, Dashboard Confessional is ready to deliver! Make no mistake, Crooked Shadows still oozes sensitivity and emo goodness, but has a musical and lyrical strength that signals a more mature band. The record features a great mix of tracks—“Catch You” is a perfect and powerful pop-rock anthem that we can’t stop singing. Meanwhile “Just What to Say” reveals a softer, emotional side of the album that stays true to the band’s origins.

Dashboard Confessional’s 2003 album, A Mark, a Mission, a Brand, a Scar peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard Top 200 list, as did the their 2006 album, Dusk and Summer, so the bar is set high for Crooked Shadows. We’re loving it, and fans will too! Watch Dashboard Confessional’s Carrabba play a game of “Tell Me a Story” with our very own Ellie Lee below, and listen to the band’s new album on iHeartRadio!