Artist of the Week: Dustin Lynch

Country artist Dustin Lynch is still pretty new to the music industry, but with the release of his fourth studio album Tullahoma, one thing is for certain: He’s going to be a big star. His new album debuted last week and fans are already spiralling from excitement.

A small town boy at heart, Lynch named the album after the Tennessee town where he grew up. “Ridin’ Roads,” “Momma’s House” and “Dirt Road” are reminiscent tracks filled with references of his time growing up in a small, rural town in Tennessee. There a couple love songs on the album as well like the twangy “Old Country Song” and “Thinking ‘Bout You” which features fellow country megastar Lauren Alaina.

“It’s all about me and growing up in my hometown,” Lynch told CMT. “Every song on this album points to something that happened to me or my close friends and family, and that’s really cool. I’m very proud of where I’m from, and proud of this record because it will hopefully make my hometown a little more famous than it already is.”

Fans were also excited to find the album contains a song inspired by Lynch’s current romance with model Kelli Seymour. It’s called “Country Star” and tells the story of a country boy (Lynch) wishing he could just be back on the farm with his girl (Seymour). The song’s lyrics say it all: “Get to wishin' on a country star out on the farm/ I keep my arms wrapped around you so tight/ I sit you on a tractor girl then afterwards/ We'll crash and burn into each other all night.”

This past week, Lynch was featured on iHeartRadio’s on-air New Music Preview and had an iHeartRadio Album Release Party on January 21st. The buzz for this new album is just beginning and luckily, a tour is coming: His 2020 Stay Country tour starts later this month, so get your tickets soon! And stream Dustin Lynch’s new album Tullahoma now on iHeartRadio!

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