Artist of the Week: Fall Out Boy

It’s no secret that Fall Out Boy has been influential in punk and rock, but the band’s unique ability to transcend genres is why it’s beloved by fans of all types of music! The group’s new album, Mania, drops today and is yet another example of Fall Out Boy’s musical prowess. It’s a rock album through and through, yet there’s an undeniable EDM sound that permeates tracks like “Young and Menace,” and a gentle soulfulness that emerges in songs such as “Bishops Knife Trick.” It’s a rich record that fans and music lovers in general will appreciate.

But the band didn’t always have such a mature sound — the group started out as a strictly punk project, born out of Chicago’s hardcore punk scene. Though Fall Out Boy’s debut album, Take This to Your Grave, helped them develop a loyal, dedicated fan base, it wasn’t until they broadened their sound in their second album, From Under the Cork Tree, that they became the band we know and love today! Thanks to hits "Sugar, We're Goin Down" and "Dance, Dance," the album went double platinum, skyrocketing Fall Out Boy to fame and mainstream success.

Though the band took a hiatus from 2009 to 2012 (as many of the greats do), the foursome came back stronger than ever, producing their albums Save Rock and Roll and American Beauty/American Psycho. In case you’re trying to keep count, Mania marks the band’s seventh studio album, and it might be our favorite one yet! Fall Out Boy stopped by to chat with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show about their new album — watch the video below to share their excitement and listen to Mania on iHeartRadio!