Artist of the Week: Gavin James

Building on the success of his debut album, Bitter Pill, our Artist of the Week Gavin James has another hit on his hands. His new single, “Hearts on Fire,” is already a success, but a newly released acoustic version of the song might be even more swoon-worthy!

James is fresh off his North American tour with fellow Irishman Niall Horan, and will perform at a few upcoming sold-out shows in Dublin before taking a break to record his second album over Christmas. Bitter Pill was certified platinum in Ireland, so expectations are high for James’ sophomore record, due out some time next year. But, if “Hearts on Fire” is any indication, fans are in for a real treat!

Think you can play “Hearts of Fire” as well as James? Watch his guitar tutorial below and give it a shot — we dare you! Then head on over to iHeartRadio to strum along with the song. Happy practicing!