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Artist of the Week: Lady A

Lady A fans, rejoice! The country music trio’s new album: What A Song Can Do is out today, and the band is celebrating with an exclusive album release party hosted by iHeartRadio!

Lady A’s iHeartCountry Album Release Party is set to air on Monday, October 25, at 7pm local time on iHeartRadio’s official YouTube channel or the iHeartCountry Radio digital station. Fans can listen to Lady A perform songs from the new album (as well as some fan favorites from previous records) and hear exclusive commentary from the band members about their new music and much more! The iHeartCountry Album Release Party will be hosted at iHeartRadio’s Theater in New York in partnership with H&M.

Lady A’s What A Song Can Do is the band’s ninth full-length album, and first record release since 2019’s Ocean. The new album, which boasts 14 tracks, is actually a collection of two projects and song releases over the past year. It features the wistful title-track “What A Song Can Do” as well as the massive collaboration “Friends Don’t Let Friends,” which includes credits from fellow country stars Carly Pearce, Thomas Rhett and Darius Rucker — and other friends of the band.

In talking about the new album, Lady A singer-songwriter Charles Kelly explains: "We've rediscovered our purpose, and it's to entertain and spread a positive message – I really truly believe that.”

“I want our legacy to be songs that make people feel good. But, I also think there’s more to our story that hasn’t been written yet,” he adds.

We are so excited to hear Lady A perform new tracks from the album What A Song Can Do during iHeartCountry’s Album Release Party. So be sure to mark your calendars to join us at 7pm local time on Monday, October 25, to hear exclusive commentary, featured spots and a live performance from Lady A!