Artist of the Week: Marina Morgan

Look out music world, here comes Marina Morgan! The New York native may have had a tough life so far, but she’s ready to put it all behind her. When she was just 13 years old, she was paralyzed by a degenerative disease and bound to a wheelchair while she relearned how to walk. And just two years ago, she was hit by Lyme disease, which triggered many of the same symptoms. She even went temporarily blind in one eye.

But Morgan has never let her health issues stop her from following her dreams, and her social media movement, #TurningDreamsIntoReality, is a testament to that. Being creative and working on her music played a big role in her recovery — her consistently positive attitude shines in her YouTube hit, “Paralyzed,” which draws from her difficult journey back to health. We’re not crying, you’re crying!

Now that Morgan is back, the subject matter of her music is evolving to show more of her personality, beyond her illness. Her upcoming EP "Nightmare” is all about a toxic relationship. We hear you, Marina  we’ve all been there!  Watch her perform it at one of our Live Sessions below, and get to know this up-and-coming artist on iHeartRadio!

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