Artist of the Week: Mark Ronson

Earlier this summer, DJ and famed producer Mark Ronson put out his long-awaited album, Late Night Feelings. With features from artists like Miley Cyrus, Camila Cabello, Angel Olsen and King Princess, the album is one of collaboration and, as Ronson calls it, ‘sad bangers.’ We agree⁠—these songs are littered with tales of heartache and attempted reconciliations. But, for as melancholy as Late Night Feelings can be, the album is just as fun on the dancefloor!

Ronson described what inspired these ‘sad bangers’ in a recent interview, saying, “Sad bangers [are] like a song you can dance to or cry to, depending on your mood, or sometimes both,” he explained. “So that can be like anything like Robyn, Amy Winehouse, Drake or 'I Will Survive' any of those [songs] that make you feel something.”

In a recent interview, Ronson admitted that the album was inspired by his recent divorce. Throughout his recovery from this tragic break-up, Ronson wrote Late Night Feelings as a way to reconnect with his creative abilities following the break-up.

But Late Night Feelings isn’t the only recent music we’ve heard from Ronson. Along with Lady Gaga, Andrew Wyatt and Anthony Rossomando, he produced the Oscar-winning track “Shallow” from the movie, A Star Is Born. The song has topped the charts quite literally since it was released, and we still can’t get enough!

Check out “Shallow” from A Star Is Born or any of Ronson’s new ‘sad bangers’ from Late Night Feelings now on iHeartRadio!