Artist of the Week: Sarah McLachlan

Ever feel like celebrities never read the messages you tweet at them? Think again! In the latest installment of our YouTube series “Happy Tweets,” we had the chance to watch Sarah McLachlan react as she read aloud some of the kindest things her fans have to say about her.

Sarah McLachlan released her first album, Touch, in 1988 at age 20, and has somehow managed to release over ten more albums since then, each more beautiful than the last. For her 1997 album Surfacing, she was awarded two well-earned Grammy awards and four Juno awards. And Sarah has always been passionate about spreading her love of music: In 2011, she opened the Sarah McLachlan School of Music, a free music school for inner city children in Vancouver and Edmonton.

So fans have good reason to compliment Sarah McLachlan, but she has some nice things to say about us, too! While admitting she was embarrassed at all the kind tweets she read, she also told a fan she looked “quite fantastic” in her picture. We don’t deserve you, Sarah. Which is why we’ll keep singing -- or tweeting -- your praises. Be sure to check out the whole video, and listen to your favorite Sarah McLachlan tunes, right here on iHeartRadio!