iHeartMedia and Coca-Cola Team Up for First Taste Fridays

Ever wonder what your favorite artists are loving right now? What music is on everyone’s minds or what concerts are must-sees? Well, we have some good news for you.

You may have heard that earlier this year, iHeartMedia announced SoundBoard: original content programs that brands can have a hand in developing from the ground up. Today, we’re excited to be rolling out SoundBoard’s first original audio program in partnership with Coca-Cola — First Taste Fridays, a podcast specifically created to help teens discover and debate new music with their friends over an ice-cold Coke.

The series, which launched on October 9th, consists of episodes featuring conversations between DJ Maxwell and teens, exclusive interviews, world premieres of new tracks and surprise artist drop-ins from Hailee Steinfeld, Grace Potter, AviciiConrad Sewell, and more. Maxwell and his guests discuss the hottest music, events and concerts, sharing their own favorites and recommendations for listeners.

First Taste Fridays is just the first example of the original programs iHeartMedia is producing — we’re excited for many more to come. To listen to First Taste Fridays, you can tune in at iheartradio.com/firsttastefridays or head to the iHeartRadio app to catch up on the series and hear the latest episode, released today. Happy listening!