iHeartRadio and Chelsea Handler are Collaborating with Amazon Alexa to Bring Fans A “Good Morning” Experience

Can’t get enough of Chelsea Handler? iHeartRadio and Amazon Alexa have a treat for you. Now through Aug. 22, customers who start their day with Alexa will get to hear a special morning greeting from Chelsea Handler. With this collaboration, you can engage with the comedian, best-selling author and podcaster via your Alexa-enabled devices! Chelsea will lighten your morning with fun and LOL-worthy exchanges when you say “Alexa, Good Morning.

Wanna hear more of what Chelsea Handler and Alexa are up to? Just ask them! Say “Alexa, Good Morning” to get started and don’t forget to check out Chelsea Handler’s podcast, “Life Will Be The Death Of Me” by saying, “Alexa, play me Chelsea Handler's Podcast” and as always, listen anytime on iHeartRadio.

Life Will Be The Death Of Me ​​​​​​​​​​​​​