iHeartRadio’s New Money-Minded Podcast, “Hush Money,” Delivers Advice And Conversations About Personal Finances and Relationships!

Are you a money-minded millennial on a mission to save? Or a penny-pincher navigating how relationships and money intersect? If so, iHeartRadio has got the perfect podcast for you. Check out iHeartRadio’s new financial podcast, “Hush Money.

This bold, funny and ultimately useful show is hosted by two of today’s sharpest entrepreneurial voices: Jason Feifer, the editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur Magazine and Nicole Lapin, an author who has written books like Rich Bitch and Boss Bitch. Together, these two debate our world’s touchiest financial subjects. But “Hush Money” isn’t just another chat show. It goes straight into some of today’s most taboo, money-related topics and works to answer questions like “do you give your friend a loan?” or “who pays on a first date?” and “how do you ask for a raise?”

Each episode is tightly structured, using Nicole and Jason’s “he said/she said” debate style as a springboard for genuine financial advice. And, in each episode, Nicole and Jason sbring on a celebrity judge to decide who is right and settling their debates with a decision.

Are you ready to become a better spender? Check out iHeartRadio’s new podcast, “Hush Money,” today for some conversations on fiscal decisions and advice!

Hush Money​​​​​​​​​​​​​