iHeartRadio Brings the Music to Trivia Crack

You may be the all-star of trivia night, but do you have what it takes to outsmart your friends on iHeartRadio’s toughest questions about music and artists? Thanks to a collaboration between iHeartRadio and mobile app game developer Etermax—the company responsible for the wildly popular Trivia Crack game 160 million users can’t put down—you’re about to have a chance to prove it.

Start studying (and listening), because the sequel to Trivia Crack is coming out soon! When it does, players who choose to test their smarts using Trivia Crack’s iHeartRadio Music channel will compete by answering exclusive questions created by iHeartRadio’s team of music masterminds. And with iHeartRadio’s access to world-class radio programmers and music culture experts from across the country, you can bet even the most savvy players will be in for a challenge.

Feeling a little rusty? Consider iHeartRadio’s countdown charts your personal study guide. And in the meantime, Trivia Crack is available for download in the App Store, Google Play, Amazon, Facebook and the Windows Phone store.