Q&A with Etermax CEO Maximo Cavazzani, Creator of “Trivia Crack” and “Trivia Crack Kingdoms”

One of our most popular integrations this year at iHeartRadio has been with Trivia Crack — and then, in October, Trivia Crack Kingdoms. To celebrate, we sat down with Maximo Cavazzani, the CEO of Etermax and the creator of both games.

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iHeartRadio Turns the Music Up on Trivia Crack Kingdoms

Music lovers and trivia heads, rejoice: iHeartRadio will soon be challenging your pop culture knowledge with its brand new channel on Trivia Crack Kingdoms — sequel to the wildly popular game 160 million users can’t put down.

iHeartRadio Brings the Music to Trivia Crack

Want to put your music knowledge to the test? Big news: iHeartRadio has teamed up with the popular game Trivia Crack to help you do just that.