iHeartRadio Now Syncs with Waze!

Get lost in your music, not the road. Waze and iHeartRadio are joining forces to provide you with easy access to great tunes and directions every time you hit the road. This new integration enables users to sync their Waze and iHeartRadio apps to access their favorite iHeartRadio features within Waze navigation or access Waze navigation inside iHeartRadio. You can even pause, skip and add a song to your favorites without having to close the navigation screen.

Can’t start the day without listening to The Daily Dive podcast or blasting iHeartCountry Radio? No problem! You can access iHeartRadio’s full range of radio stations, free playlists and library of leading podcasts, hosted by some of the most renowned personalities all from within the Waze app. If you prefer to keep your music front and center, you can simply hit the “switch to audio app” button, and Waze will show you your next turn in a banner at the top of the iHeartRadio app.

So if you are jamming to iHeart on your way out the door, Waze will pop up once you hop in the car to help you find the fastest way to get to your next destination. With Waze’s real-time traffic updates and iHeartRadio’s massive selection of music and podcasts all in one app, you’re ready for anything from morning commutes and carpool duty to a cross-country road trip!