iHeartRadio Presents Inside the Studio with Garth Brooks!

One of the greatest stars in country music sat down with Rolling Stone contributor Joe Levy on our latest episode of iHeartRadio Presents Inside the Studio to talk about his upcoming stadium tour, studio album, and Anthology III, a five-CD book encompassing his entire career as a live performer.

Anyone who has seen Brooks perform, whether in person or on screen, knows he can put on a killer show, and in this episode he reveals his secret: no rules and a crowd that feels like family. From his bandmate always having one hand on his banjo and the other on his fiddle, to the light director’s constant “stand by” call, Brooks’ team knows he rarely sticks to a setlist. Instead, he feels out the crowd and plays what he thinks will resonate in the moment. And judging by the thunderous cheers that rise with the start of every song, it seems like he’s pretty good as it!

But if you ask him about his talent, like a true country boy, he’ll point you to his family. Both his parents were musicians, his brother played classical guitar, his sister the blues base, and Brooks just absorbed it all.

Eager to maintain the feeling of family around him every time he plays, Brooks traded in the typical “golden circle” of ticket pricing, where seats closer to the stage are more expensive, for flat-rate ticketing, leaving the rest up to chance. Yes, you heard that right—just buy a standard fare ticket and you’ll have the chance to be in the front row at a Garth Brooks concert! Pretty cool move!  

Listen in to iHeartRadio Presents Inside the Studio as Brooks reflects on his Oklahoma City roots and gives a major shout out to the crowd at his latest show in Notre Dame. And don’t forget to pick up Anthology III when it drops on Nov. 20!

iHeart Radio Presents Inside the Studio​​​​​​​​​​​​​​