iHeartRadio Top 100 Podcast Chart Mondays: Discover Your Next Binge-Worthy Podcast

Welcome to this week’s iHeartRadio Top 100 Podcast Chart! We’re back with a quick look at the top iHeartRadio podcasts that you—our fans—are listening to this week.

The Ron Burgundy Podcast” is still on the top of the charts! This week, Ron sat down with DJ Dillon Francis to discuss his music, his start in the industry and his plans to open up a DJ school for senior citizens! If you’re looking for a laugh, check out the new episode, “EDM with Dillon Francis” now on iHeartRadio.

Sitting just below Ron this week is “Disgraceland.” The musically-driven true crime podcast is hosted by producer Jake Brennan and returned last week with its fourth season and two new episodes on the Los Angeles rap group, N.W.A. Listeners already can’t get enough! At number three on the charts this week is “Modern Ruhles with Stephanie Ruhle: Compelling Conversations in Culturally Complicated Times.” In the newest episode, news anchor Stephanie Ruhle speaks to authors, experts and professionals about the powers and pitfalls of social media.

And then right below Ruhle at number four is “Hush Money.” This podcast is all about money: hosts Jason Feifer, the editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur and Nicole Lapin, a money expert discuss the most taboo, awkward situations where money impacts our lives, relationships and careers. Check out the new episode, “Is Debt a Dealbreaker? with Hill Harper” now!

From comedy to music to true crime, iHeartRadio’s Top 100 Podcast Chart is the new go-to to discover new podcasts or find your next binge-worthy obsessions! Check in next week to see which podcast is holding up on the charts!