The Ron Burgundy Podcast Is Launching on iHeartRadio!

We’re trapped in a glass case of emotion, podcast lovers. The Ron Burgundy Podcast is launching on iHeartRadio after he endlessly harassed us into making one, and now we’re stuck having to co-produce it with Funny or Die. We’re not thrilled about it, but the show will launch on the iHeartPodcast Network in early 2019 featuring Burgundy himself.

This “momentous moment” will mark the return of the legendary anchorman himself, Ron Burgundy, who has been delighting fans all over the world since the hit movie Anchorman was released in 2004. Now he’s back and better than ever. (He made us say that!) His new podcast is sure to include the “top-notch” reporting that made Burgundy the beloved personality he is today. He’s very important, as you know, because he has many leather-bound books and his apartment smells of rich mahogany.

Stay tuned for the official trailer dropping shortly, and get ready for The Ron Burgundy Podcast, coming in 2019. Until then, stay classy, listeners!