iHeartRadio’s True Crime Podcast “Hell and Gone” is Back With Another Unsolved Case!

Calling all true crime buffs! Are you itching to crack a new case open? iHeartRadio’s popular true crime podcast, “Hell and Gone” is back today with a brand new season. In its first season, the show followed the cold-case murder of Rebekah Gould, a beautiful and popular college student who was suspiciously killed in 2004. For its second season, listeners travel into the world of small-town Arkansas to investigate the unsolved death of Janie Ward.

Hosted by Catherine Townsend, a writer and private investigator, the second season of “Hell and Gone” digs into the unsolved, possibly murderous death of 16-year-old Janie Ward. Ward was a high schooler who died at a cabin party in the middle of the woods just outside her hometown of Marshall, Arkansas. Then present party-goers said that she died after falling off a porch, but the facts and clues of the case say differently. It’s been 30 years since her death and no one has been able to determine exactly how Ward died, despite multiple investigations and autopsies.

Has this new case piqued your interest? Are you ready to explore another investigation with Townsend? Start streaming season 2 of “Hell and Gone” today via iHeartRadio or anywhere else you find podcasts!

Hell and Gone Season 2​​​​​​​​​​​​​