Season Two of the “Rebutting a Murderer” Podcast Is a Must-Hear!

Obsessed with Making a Murderer on Netflix? Then stop what you’re doing and listen to part two of the Rebutting a Murderer podcast—right now. Hosted by Dan O’Donnell, a reporter covering Avery’s trial in Wisconsin back in 2007, this podcast is the story from inside the courtroom during Steven Avery’s trial. It’s a rebuttal if there ever was one, and you won’t want to miss a minute. Season two premieres this Friday with two new episodes—are you ready?

Avery, who had been wrongly convicted of sexual assault and attempted murder back in 1985, served 18 years of a 32-year sentence before being exonerated and released, thanks to DNA testing. Quickly after, however, he was convicted in another murder case. The entire saga was chronicled in a Netflix show that gained a massive cult following. And as for Rebutting a Murderer? Part one was downloaded millions of times!

Binge part one now and jump right into part two!

Rebutting a Murderer​​