A New Food-Focused Podcast, “From Scratch With Michael Ruhlman” Aims to Make Everyone a More Confident Chef!

The best cooks around have a deep understanding of the food they make and all of the ways they can make it. Cookbook author Michael Ruhlman wants to help others build this kind of connection with food in his new iHeartRadio Original Podcast, “From Scratch with Michael Ruhlman.”

This instructive food series highlights essential kitchen techniques and ingredients by drawing from Ruhlman’s best-selling books, decades of experience and personal relationships with the country’s best chefs. Ruhlman approaches each topic with an insatiable curiosity to learn and teach. In some episodes, Ruhlman explores the stories of notable chefs while, in others, he chats with non-chefs. Overall, Ruhlman holds the same goal: getting listeners to engage with food more fully and to cook more confidently.

Michael Ruhlman has written more than 25 books, including non-fiction, fiction, memoir, and cookbooks - both on his own and as a collaborator with Michelin-starred chefs. Today, Ruhlman splits his time between New York and Providence, Rhode Island, and is an app maker, kitchen tool designer, TV personality and public speaker. He’s best known for his books about food and cooking, both at home (Ratio, Ruhlman’s Twenty) and in professional kitchens (The Making of a Chef: Trilogy). His most recent books areFrom Scratch: 10 Meals, 150 Recipes, and Techniques You Will Use Over and Over, which introduces readers to easy to make savory recipes and myriad alternate pathways that the kitchen invites.​

You can check out the first three episodes of “From Scratch with Michael Ruhlman” on iHeartRadio today!​

From Scratch with Michael Ruhlman​​​​​​​​​​​​​​