#NewMusicTuesday: Harry Hudson, Yesterday’s Tomorrow Night

Just 24 years old, Harry Hudson has already been through a lot in his life, and it’s his love for music that has given him purpose. Diagnosed with stage three Hodgkin's lymphoma, Hudson thought he’d have just months to live, and it was that critical moment in his life that helped him realize his true style as an artist, and gave him the confidence he needed to play his music his way.

When Hudson recovered, there was no stopping him. The folk-pop singer, who’s inspired by the likes of Eminem and Limp Bizkit, western films and legends Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash and Bruce Springsteen, recently dropped his first album, Yesterday’s Tomorrow Night, as well as a short film, Can Cowboys Cry, to accompany the record. Hudson made his first headlining appearance in New York earlier this month, and is set to perform in South Carolina and Las Vegas over the summer.

This young artist has already become an inspiration, thanks to his passion, perseverance and pure love of music. This is just the beginning for Hudson, but we think big things lie ahead! Get to know him better in our exclusive interview below, and listen to Yesteday’s Tomorrow Night on iHeartRadio.