#NewMusicTuesday: Kaskade’s Spring Fling tour, superlatives and new music!

Kaskade is gracing cities across the U.S. with his Spring Fling tour, so we thought it was only right to host him for a fun, engaging interview! We began by having the celebrated DJ make a superlatives list, with the cast of characters including fan faves like Kanye West, Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber. From class clown to biggest flirt to most likely to become president, Kaskade got a kick out of placing his celebrity friends in the most appropriate categories!

Next, we got the inside scoop on Kaskade’s Spring Fling tour highlights (he graciously noted that his interview with us was a highlight — stop making us blush, Kaskade!) and new music in the pipeline. We were the most intrigued to hear about his new music, much of which still seems to be under wraps! We tried to gather some hints, but Kaskade did a good job of keeping tight-lipped about his future releases. Of what’s already public, we’re major fans of his remixed “Flame” by Tinashe and “Cold” by Maroon 5. He disclosed that some original music is on the way, and we’re waiting with baited breath to hear it!

If you’re going to miss Kaskade’s tour this time around, head over to his Custom Artist station on iHeartRadio to enjoy some of his most popular beats! You’ll miss the teasers of his new music that he gifts to concert-goer fans, but you can enjoy his remix of Tinashe’s “Flame,” which was just released. Enjoy!