Non-Music Monday: Business and Finance Podcasts

Last week, we rounded up our favorite entertainment podcasts. Now that you’ve gotten your fill of pop culture news and views, we’re taking a dive into business and finance podcasts, including first takes on changes in the stock market and the skinny on groundbreaking new startups. Whether you manage money for a living or you’re just trying to get the most bang for your buck, read on for picks that will increase your financial savvy in no time.

For listeners looking for a rundown of important events the moment that alarm clock goes off, “This Morning with Gordon Deal” has you covered. Deal provides intelligent insights on the latest stories that matter around the world—including those from the business and finance world. Each podcast brings a high energy blend of well-crafted reporting, humor and expert analysis to help you wake up and get informed.


If you’re all about business and finance news, you’ll want to subscribe to “APM: Marketplace”—the podcast version of this leading public radio business news show. Hosted by the award-winning radio journalist Kai Ryssdal, each episode delivers high-quality news about a broad range of topics, including those directly affecting your wallet and Wall Street.

For those with dreams of building the latest must-have app or starting their own business, “ Innovation Crush” delivers the inspiration you’ll need to get started. Each week, episodes profile some of the world's most daring projects and the people behind them. From marketing ideas to technology innovations, disruptive business models, personal development and everything in between, this podcast is a one- stop-shop for those set on creating something new.

If you like staying tapped into the insights and financials of top companies like Amazon, Facebook and Apple, weekly podcasts from “Motley Fool Money” will deliver all the information you need. On each episode, a team of analysts reviews the week's top business and investing stories and conducts interviews to provide an inside look at the stocks you need to be watching.

Want to catch up on business news, but don’t have a lot of time to spare? “24/7 News: Consumer Business” provides a comprehensive update on the consumer business world in under three minutes. Each episode is full of insightful commentary, with topics ranging from the best time to purchase back-to-school clothes to the state of the banking industry. ​​​​​