Non-Music Monday: Get Out of Town Edition

Last week we talked about health and fitness podcasts. This week, it’s time to pack up for a well-earned vacation. Whether you plan to get on a plane or jump into the car, these Non-Music Monday travel podcasts will help you plan all of your vacation destinations. We’ve got you covered, everything from finding a hotel in Italy, to living off the land with little more than a tent and sleeping bag to taking the ultimate photo so you can and show off your trip on Instagram.

Every week, Rick Steves, travel guru and leading authority on Europe and beyond, brings his insider knowledge to your ears on Travel With Rick Steves. Rick brings in guest experts on culture and travel, and shares the secrets of many places he’s visited over the years. He has tips for navigating Europe’s extensive rail network and advice for off-the-beaten-path finds in Paris and London. Some podcasts also bring the advice a little closer to home, including tips for planning a family vacation to Disney with a little help from the bestselling author of “The Unofficial Guide to Disney World.”

Do you like to be one with nature? Mark, who calls himself Big Man in the Woods, is a UK-based adventurer who’s dedicated to taking the mystery out of nature and surviving off the land. His podcasts serve up advice about camping, scouting and gear reviews, plus interviews with others who have mastered the great outdoors. Mark also emphasizes the importance of safety and gives great advice about avoiding everything from burns to lymes disease. If you’re planning a trip into the wood this summer, this podcast should be your first stop.

In the era of camera phones and social sharing, sometimes it’s nice to take a step back and discover the art of photography. On Taking Pictures does just that, as hosts Jeffery Saddoris and Bill Wadman tackle the philosophy of photography. They explore what it means to be creative and talk about the power of photos through a cultural lens. Each episode also features a guest photographer of the week. After listening to a few episodes you’re guaranteed to look at vacation photos in a whole new light.

Sure, travel is relaxing when you get to your destination, but preparing for a trip can get stressful. If you’re looking for a quick way to soak up all the travel advice you can get, listen to Travel Minute with Arthur Frommer. Podcasts from this well-known WOR personality and founder of that line of travel guides we’ve all used, are only 60 seconds long and feature budget-friendly tips and travel tricks. With over 50 years of industry experience, odds are Frommer won’t be running out of valuable information any time soon. ​​​​​​​​