Podcast Spotlight: Obsessed With Fashion? “Dressed: The History of Fashion” Podcast Is a Must-Hear

From that classic pair of beat-up work jeans, to the elaborate cultural garb worn at weddings, fashion is drenched in rich history. Every week, "Dressed: The History of Fashion" podcast delves into the incredibly rich social and cultural histories behind clothing, exploring themes and stories that speak to the very heart of who we all are. Hosts and fashion historians April Calahan and Cassidy Zachary leave no fashion topic untouched, from the controversial history of African Dutch Wax cottons, to the enduring legacy of Christian Dior. More interested in gender-bending dress or cult fashion, they’ll cover that, too!

Not only do Calahan and Zachary bring listeners behind the scenes of the most highly anticipated fashion and dress exhibitions of the year, but the two also welcome fascinating guests for a diverse range of conversations. To kick off season two, the podcast will feature guest Tony Vaccaro, a combat soldier and photographer in WWII before going on to become a fashion photographer in fashion’s Golden Age: the 1950s!

Season two debuts today — catch up on what you’ve missed throughout season one, and tune in to new episodes on iHeartRadio now!

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