iHeartRadio Now Offers Over 250,000 Podcasts!

Listen up, podcast lovers! We’ve reached a big milestone that we’re excited to share! iHeartRadio now offers over 250,000 podcasts from the biggest hosts and best podcast creators, making it easy to discover your first podcast or next podcast addiction. From comedy to true crime to politics, the app has every kind of podcast for ears everywhere—and we’re still growing!

New and original podcasts are popping up from iHeartPodcast Network all the time. Can’t get enough of Chelsea Handler? Her new podcast is perfect for you! To follow up her New York Times bestseller, “Life Will Be the Death of Me”, Handler is transforming her newest memoir into a podcast that will air on the iHeartPodcast Network later this May.

Prefer a more serialized, story-focused podcast? We’ve got plenty of those! Check out “Family Secrets,” which is based on Dani Shapiro’s best-selling memoir, Inheritance. This 10-part podcast series offers some background into Shapiro’s memoir as well as a collection of stories from readers who have discovered long-hidden secrets from their families’ past.

And, of course, if you’re interested in picking up some marketing tips or workplace tricks, you have to check out our Chairman and CEO Bob Pittman’s new podcast, “Math & Magic: Stories from the Frontier of Marketing”. His new podcast features his conversations with other visionary leaders across the entertainment and media industries. Listeners will learn more about how these leaders use insights, strategy and creativity to bring ideas to life.

And iHeartRadio isn’t just the gatekeeper for so many podcast options—it’s bringing podcasts everywhere! At iHeartRadio, podcasts are coming to broadcast radio stations with the Podcast, Meet Broadcast initiative. One of our biggest podcasts of the year, “The Ron Burgundy Podcast,” features everyone’s favorite anchorman as host of the funniest show you’ll hear all year. Just last week, we aired a 30-minute episode of the show’s funniest moments on more than 848 iHeartMedia broadcast radio stations. It’s a completely unique way to experience podcasts, and we’re ready to bring you more soon!

What are you waiting for? Head to the iHeartRadio app and start browsing! With so many to choose from, you’re sure to find something that excites your ears!

The Ron Burgundy Podcast​​​​​​​