Station of the Week: Comedy Stations

Ever heard of the rule of three? The one that claims all things are better, more satisfying, and funnier when they come in threes? Well we’re featuring not one but three stations this week, and each one will keep you laughing throughout the day.

To kick things off we’ve got iHeartRadio’s 24/7 Comedy Radio, an entertaining station featuring a variety of comedic artists, young and old, well known and up-and-coming. The 24/7 Comedy station will keep you on your toes and you’ll always be in on the joke.

Joining this longtime station are 24/7 Urban Comedy Radio and 24/7 Comedy Legends Radio, two new comedy stations that offer something a bit more niche. 24/7 Urban Comedy Radio will feature the greatest African-American comedians, from Kevin Hart to Aisha Tyler, while Comedy Legends Radio acts as a hall of fame for classic and contemporary icons including Mel Brooks and Bill Hicks.

Get ready to get funny this week and tune in to iHeartRadio’s three side-splitting comedy stations - the hilarity ensues!