Alexa Users and Their Dogs Can Celebrate International Dog Day Today With “Puppy Jams” Today!

Today is International Dog Day, and iHeartRadio wants to help you and your pup celebrate! Check out iHeartRadio’s new dog music skill, Puppy Jams! This fun offering is now available on all Amazon Alexa devices, and it allows users to play tunes for their dogs when they’re not home. So whether you’re off work, the gym or about to run some errands around town and you have to leave Fido alone, you can keep him company with some customized tracks!

Here’s how it works: once you prompt your Alexa with the phrase “Alexa, Open Puppy Jams!” the skill asks users to identify the emotional state of their dog: stressed, lonely or happy. Then, your device will start to play the perfect iHeartRadio playlist. These playlists range from relaxing piano music to essential reggae, and each will keep your pup entertained while you’re away.

There’s a ton of research supporting music’s relationship to dogs’ emotional states. And with these playlists, you can soothe your best friend and leave the house without worrying about her happiness!

You and your dog can celebrate International Dog Day with the Alexa and iHeartRadio dog skill, Puppy Jams, today! Enjoy! ​​