Artist of the Week: Alicia Keys

Our favorite R&B soul songstress Alicia Keys is back with new music today! The new single is called “Show Me Love,” and it features another one of our equally enchanting favorites, Miguel! The two are releasing an especially moving music video today for their new, soon-to-be hit single, “Show Me Love.

Show Me Love” is a song about an everlasting love that a couple won’t stop fighting for. The lyrics reflect this deep emotion with soulful lines like, “Show me love/ I eat up the seconds times and reasons/ For your love.” Miguel’s sultry voice creeps in and out of the song as well, singing: “Yeah I show you love like/ It was passionate/ I just wanna bask in it/ Winning like a championship.”

The song is amazing, but it’s matching music video is also one-of-a-kind. Directed by the famed Cara Stricker, the video is a visual sonic experience that features slow motion shots and graceful choreography to match the ebbing and flowing of every song. And there are a couple famous cameos in the video, too! Actor Michael B. Jordan, actress Zoe Saldana and Saldana’s husband, artist Marco Perego Saldana, are the stars of this extraordinary video.

Does this new single mean we should expect new music from Miguel or Keys? We’re still not sure, but we’re going to bask in the greatness of this single while we wait!

You can stream “Show Me Love” now on iHeartRadio or wherever else you listen to music!

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