Artist of the Week: Chance the Rapper

Chance the Rapper is one of America’s favorite artists, capturing the hearts and ears of many without ever putting out a full-length album! But today, all of that changes: Chance has finally released his first studio album, The Big Day.

The album contains 20 tracks including a pre-released single, “Groceries,” featuring TisaKorean and Murda Beatz. The Big Day follows several mixtapes from the rapper, including 2016’s Grammy-award winning mixtape, Coloring Book. In the lead up to the release of his first album, Chance also added his first two mixtapes, 2013’s Acid Rap and 2012’s 10 Day, to all music streaming sites.

In a series of tweets, Chance talked about The Big Day and how it differs from previous projects.

“This my first album so it’s really good,” he said. “I got real famous so I got a lot of eyes on me that weren’t fans of me, they are just fans of what’s popular. My first album is for my fans.”

Chance has also spoken about what inspired the album. In a recent interview, the rapper explained that much of The Big Day was inspired by the music he danced to at his wedding. Chance married Kirsten Corley in March 2019, and the two have a three-year-old daughter.

“The whole album has been inspired by the day that I got married and how I was dancing that day,” he said. “We had a reception with the legendary DJ Pharris and we all danced our hearts out. It was the hardest I ever danced in my life and I’m a great longtime dancer.”

You can stream The Big Day now on iHeartRadio! And, if you want to catch Chance the Rapper in concert to hear this album live, you can find him at the iHeartRadio Music Festival this September!

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