Artist of the Week: Katy Perry

Katy Perry released a brand new single today, titled “Small Talk”! As to be expected, “Small Talk” is another pop banger from the superstar. Perry’s last single “Never Really Over” is a contagiously fun track that was released back in May 2019. Since then, fans have been patiently waiting for some fresh tunes from the pop star. But the day has finally arrived, and you can stream “Small Talk” now!

Perry has been dropping some clues about the new song for her fans. In a series of recent Instagram photos, the singer posted notes from “the desk of Katy Perry” with lyrics from the single. The “California Gurls” singer added “#SmallTalk” to the caption of each of the photos as a hint to her fans.

“Isn’t it weird / That you’ve seen me naked / We had conversations about forever / Now it’s about the weather okay,” read the first lyric. The second note followed: “Isn’t it wild / That I know your weakness / And everybody at the party thinks / That you’re the best since sliced bread.”

The song could be about heartbreak, growing comfortable with leaving a relationship behind or running into your ex when you really don’t want to. Take a listen to “Small Talk” and decide for yourself! We’re so excited to have another fun Katy Perry track hit the pop charts. Stream Perry’s new single on iHeartRadio now or wherever else you listen to music!