Artist of the Week: The Shadowboxers

Discovered back in 2013 by Justin Timberlake on Twitter, The Shadowboxers are ready to start making waves in the music space! JT noticed the group after band member Adam Hoffman shared their cover of Timberlake’s song, “Pusher Love Girl,” and weeks later, the trio met with Justin on his 20/20 tour. He eventually signed them to his artist development label, Villa 40, and by June 2017, The Shadowboxers were recording music in Justin’s studio! As if that wasn’t enough, the band announced this morning that they will be joining Justin on his highly-anticipated Man of the Woods tour as opening act on all U.S. spring dates!

Just last month, the group released their new single, “Runaway,” and it has Justin’s magic touch all over it. The band’s three-part harmony shines, and while it’s first and foremost a pop song, there’s plenty of soul and R&B sound as well. Artists like The Bee Gees and Earth, Wind and Fire inspire The Shadowboxers’ music, and it’s easy to hear their influences in the band’s new track.

Fans that just can’t get enough of The Shadowboxers, you’re in luck! The band promises that there’s more music to come in the next few months, so hang tight! In the meantime, watch our interview with these up-and-coming artists for our Meet Series and get to know them better. Then, head over to iHeartRadio to check out their new song, “Runaway.”

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