Artist of the Week: Third Eye Blind

You heard it here first—Third Eye Blind is joining Jimmy Eat World on a summer tour this year! That’s right, the two powerhouses are uniting for a legendary tour, and Third Eye Blind lead singer Stephan Jenkins told us all about it this morning. Tidbits from our exclusive interview with the artist began airing across our Alternative stations and on Alternative Radio earlier today—listen in to hear it for yourself!

Earlier this year, Third Eye Blind released an EP titled Thanks For Everything, after much anticipation from fans. The EP features seven cover versions of Jenkins' favorite songs and was largely inspired by the band's exploration of local museums and galleries during their time on the road for the Summer Gods tour. But don’t worry fans—original music is coming soon, too! Jenkins has said in the past that reinterpreting and recording covers songs helps the group find inspiration for new studio albums. That sounds very promising, if you ask us!

Check out your favorite music from the prolific Third Eye Blind on iHeartRadio, and get excited about their upcoming tour!

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